Web hosting is essentially a service for hosting a blog or a website. This service stores the files from your website so that they can be downloaded on the internet. Think of it this way. You have a lot of different files on your computer and just open the file if you want to access them. So, if you were to show this file to someone else, they would have to be in the same room for file transfer.

Web hosts serve as transmitters. All files for your site are stored on the server of your hosting service. Then, the server sends those files to the web browser whenever a visitor types them in your domain name.

Your website is just a collection of various files and media elements, such as photos. So, you rent a web server space and store all of your files there.Also, the web host can have stuff like server maintenance, help, email accounts, and much more. It can also provide you with tools to handle your server quickly, even without the tech knowledge.

Of the many benefits that shared web hosting has for startups, some of the top ones are listed below:

Excellent Performance

You have just a few seconds to catch the attention of your visitor before they exit your site.If you continue to load your site forever, your visitors won’t hang around. Not only that but the efficiency of your site also influences the rankings of your site on search engine. Your site will measure poorly in user experience metrics with slow loading speeds, which can influence the rank.

Technical Support

If you’re not using the technical skills yourself, your hosting provider would be like a member of the technical team you never had before.Assume you ‘re in the middle of a major launch; it’s all going well until mysteriously your site goes offline. How is it you are doing now? It’s costing you revenue every moment you’re offline. Hopefully, you can turn to the support staff of your hosting provider and they will be able to get your site back online as soon as possible.

Domain Associated Email

If you reach out via email to customers, the last thing you would want is to use your regular Gmail address.You’ll have the ability to create your own domain-specific email address when using a quality host service provider. Some hosts restrict you to one, while others allow you to build an unlimited number of email addresses unique to the domain.


The foundation of security for your website starts with your host service provider. This is, after all, where all the files from your site will be stored. A reliable host would have several protection rates in place. Hopefully, daily website backups are also in place for your server.

You may not actually need to use them, but if your site gets hacked, instead of having to start over from scratch, you can just restore to a previous version of your site!

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