If you own a website, you know how important it is draw traffic to it and how difficult it is to do so. Here comes SEO to save the day. SEO is a set of strategies, which when followed can do wonders to your website and your sales. It basically helps you to rank your website on Google at the top when searched for.

You may also know how important the hosting provider is if you have a website. There is no doubt how crucial it is to have a good hosting provider. But do you know how hosting provider can affect SEO of your website? If you ever wondered about it, then don’t worry; in this article, we will tell you how hosting providers affect SEO.

  1. Website Speed-

As mentioned earlier, SEO is a set of strategies, which when followed can provide a lot of benefits to your website like good exposure and more visibility. But you know how irritating it is to wait while a website gets loaded. With the help of a good hosting provider, you can have a website that loads faster so thatyour customers are satisfied and more of them visit your site, which in return will increase your site’s traffic.

  1. Website Availability-

When you have a hosting provider that ensures that your website is always live and online for customers to visit and shop, you automatically will start noticing growth. Your site, being always available, will help it to rank better in Google searches as Google doesn’t like to direct their users to a non-active site. Thus, it ranks live sites so that people will visit more. Proper efforts by hosting providers to make your website always available to mass will directly have a positive impact on your sales too.

  1. Security-

The security of your website is a factor that is always given utmost priority. You can put in all possible efforts to make it secure, but if your hosting provider doesn’t do so, then it like making a playing card tower. You must have seen in newspaper how devastating it can be for a company’s website to be hacked and believe me they are exaggerating. A website, which is not properly secured by its hosting provider, may probably be infected with malware and has a high chance of getting domain blacklisted or getting de-indexed.

  1. SEO Awareness-

If the service provider that you have chosen doesn’t have basic SEO knowledge, then it can cost you a lot of damage. Suppose you are provided with a website and then you got to know that Google bots are restricted in the robot.txt because they make a lot of visits. If you are in the SEO business, you know how damaging that can be. This was just one example the provider may also disable some websites due to many visits per day and what not. Thus, having a hosting provider with some basic SEO knowledge is always a great idea.

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