Linux hosting is a kind of hosting that uses Linux OS on the server. It is one of the most famous hosting options available out there and is generally chosen by companies that want to build intricate websites and want full control of it.


cPanel is a control panel you get when you opt for Linux-based web hosting. It provides you a comprehensive and simplified graphical interface and automation tools that help you to easily carry out the web hosting business. It uses a 3-tier mechanism, which allows the administrator, business owner and the hosting provider to control the numerous features of website.

The cPanel is designed in a way to work best for dedicated server or as a VPS. It enables the hosting provider to automate the standard system administration procedures.cPanel comes in very handy as it supports tools and application-based software such as IMAP, MySQL, POP3, SMTP, PHP and apache.

The Benefits of Linux Web Hosting-

There are numerous benefits of why someone should opt for Linux Hosting. Here are some of them-

Reduced Cost-

Linux, being open source, there will be no licensing cost charged.Thus,it becomes the best features of Linux as you are charged comparatively very less.


Linux has a superior security system when compared to other OS, especially for shared hosting.


As Linux is not a new OS, it been here for a while and most of its bugs are already solved by now. Thus, you won’t get dependability better than Linux in any other OS.


Linux, being incredibly user-friendly and easy to use, makes it quite simple to operate and manage.


Linux rarely needs to rebooted and crash of a Linux is unheard of. Thus, the stability of it is impeccable.


When it comes to performance, Linux is proven to be unbeatable. It can connect to multiple devices without any problem.

Linux vs Windows-

Linux has been around for a while and has proven its powerful performance countless times. The best thing closest to Linux is Windows.

When you seek difference in the performance, security, stability and simplicity, you won’t find much between Windows and Linux. However, you will notice considerable amount of difference when you use ASP, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL server file.

And for files like MySQL, Perl, PHP or the WordPress, Linux is the best match as it has been designed to work around such similar datatypes.


Linux will suit you the best when you have budget to maintain in order to sustain better. There are few commands in Linux, but they are surely enough for all you’ll need. There is sufficient amount of assistance also available if you go for Linux.

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