Launching your first website can be both exciting and intimidating. There are many decisions you have to make before launching a website, but one thing you will never want to overlook is which web hosting option to choose. The right web host will not only fit your budget but also be reliable and fast enough to keep your site running smoothly. Here’s a beginner’s guide to hosting your website.


  • Shared Hosting


For many websites that are just starting out, shared hosting is a popular choice due to its low cost. The working nature of this type of sharing is that your site shares its server and resources with many other websites. The specific number of websites you could be sharing can be hundreds or thousands. The biggest advantage of this shared hosting is its affordability. These accounts also tend to be quick and easy to set up, though they typically don’t offer much in the way of customisation. 

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  • VPS Hosting

This type of hosting is considered to be a step up from shared hosting. In this type of hosting, you are able to share your website, but the servers themselves are set up differently so that they offer greater reliability. With a VPS host, there are usually no more than 10 to 20 websites sharing a server’s resources at a time. VPS servers are easy to scale as your needs grow and the servers allow more customisation. This type of hosting comes with more expenses, but the added expenses are worth it. 

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

If you’re looking for the top-most hosting option, then this type of hosting is the best. The name dedicated server only suggests you that; it provides you with your own individual server and hardware. Your site doesn’t share any of its server space with other users. The result is optimized uptime, reliability, and speed. It also offers the highest level of customisation. In dedicated hosting, you will be allowed to personalise your site’s need very easily. For websites, which anticipate high traffic, this hosting will be the best option. 

Managed Services

In addition to choosing the right hosting option for your needs, you may also want to decide between managed and unmanaged hosting services. For business owners who don’t have the time or experience to maintain a dedicated server, a managed hosting service is the excellent option. 


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