When you own a website, you take a lot of time to do research about your content, strategy, marketing ideas and all the other aspects. Choosing a web hosting service provider is one of the most important jobs one has to do as it is a very crucial factor that decides the success of your website.

All that hard work you have done in order to establish your website can go down the drain if your hosting provider is not as dedicated as you are. Hosting plays a very major role as it brings your website online for people to visit. A website requires a lot of care and effort in order to achieve a set goal. The work you and your hosting service provider does has to be of good quality; otherwise you won’t be able to see the desired growth. In this article, we have listed out 5 signs that you need to change to a new hosting provider.

  1. Your Site Is Down Frequently-

A website is of no use if it is offline most of the time. The sole purpose of the website is to provide necessary information about the brand and the products to the customers and when the customer is not able to access the website the whole purpose of building one is defeated. The hosting provider is solely responsible to keep your website online all the time 24/7/365. If your hosting provider fails to do so, then it may be time for your company to look for a new hosting provider.

  1. Slow Loading Time-

According to a research, 46% of the users abandon their cart or leave the website if the loading time of the website is more than 3-6 sec. You don’t want your customers to get turned off by the loading speed of your website and instead look for a better alternative. The loading speed is managed by your web hosting company and if your web hosting company fails to make your page load faster than it can directly affect your company’s sales.

  1. Failure in Providing Support-

What’s the use of having a hosting service provider when you can’t get the help promised when you need it the most? Sometimes, you can encounter some issue with your website that you are unable to solve on your own. In such cases, you would want to get help from your hosting provider, but when you reach out to them, you don’t get any response. Such situations can be very frustrating and you wouldn’t want to risk your website in such ways. Thus, opting for a service provider, which responsibly does what they promised is very important

  1. You’ve Found a Better Option-

If you have found out about a company that provides better solutions and features like security, cost benefit ratio, attractive plan and better-quality service, then it may the best time for you to switch to a new provider. Don’t just change the company if the price of the new company is comparatively low to the one you are currently using. It should be the features and service that should make you go for the switch.

Now that you know what indications to look out for, analyse whether it’s time to change to a new hosting provider.

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